Toast Masters Club

Toast Master Club is a worldwide nonprofit educational organization that empowers people to become more effective communicators and leaders. A network of over 352,000 members in more than 16,400 clubs across 141 countries. A nearly 100-year-old company known for public speaking, communication and leadership development that has evolved to meet the needs of today’s professionals. The largest provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development in the world. The modern era that we living in demands a singular set of skills and knowledge that caters to the wants and challenges of the century. Understanding the necessity of the hour, MIM initiated various capability development and skill enhancement programmes to positively contribute to the Country’s efforts to deal with the demand-supply mismatch. These programmes are stimulating factors in getting the management students corporate-ready and socially responsible. The MIM provides a chance to exhibit the multicolored talents of the students and to reinforce their soft skills. The social responsibility and social commitment of the students are listed during this extracurricular platform. The association focuses on the all-round personal development of every student as he/she leaves the institution with academic excellence. The Toast Master club of MIM was started on 10th March 2020.

Toast Masters Mission

  • To empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders Club Mission.

Club Mission

  • Clubs provide a supportive and positive learning environment that empowers members to grow, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal achievement.

Benefits Of Toast Master Club

  • A supportive and positive learning experience
  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Develop listening and critical thinking skills
  • Greater self-confidence and personal growth
  • Competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Become more confident in front of a group
  • Develop relationships
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Participate in speech contests
  • Foster career advancement
  • Augment existing training programs
  • Provide employees with an added benefit
  • Build team camaraderie
  • Encourage employee retention
  • Strengthen the leadership bench

Toast Master Club Experience

  • Self-paced, hands-on learning environment
  • Regular opportunities to speak
  • Ice Breaker speech
  • Table Topics
  • Prepared speeches
  • Honest and encouraging peer evaluations
  • Hands-on learning environment
  • Practice prepared and impromptu speeches
  • Receive feedback and evaluations in a supportive environment
  • Opportunities to lead at every meeting
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities
  • Access to a mentor