MMA activities at MEASI institute of Management

Madras Management Association (MMA) is one of the largest local Management Association in India. It was established in 1956 with the objective to improve Management Education and Training in the country. MMA has striven for Management expertise that can synthesize Indian Ethos with international Management thought and techniques. With its over 6000 members, it forms a pool of expertise and resources for the comprehensive development of all Management disciplines in the country.
MEASI Institute of Management  has opened its MMA Students Chapter on 1 Jan 2016 with the following objective.
1. Cultivating professionalism among students
2. Encouraging the Industry- Institute Interaction
3. Preparing students industry ready.
Various activities involved in MMA Students chapter for the year 2016 is as follows:

A. Monthly MMA Workshops held at MIM campus

1. One Day Workshop on Communication skills by Mr.K. Sriram, Entrepreneur, Author, Life coach, corporate trainer & NLP practioner on 20th Jan 2016.
2. One day workshop on “Presentation Skills” on 29 Jan 2016 between 10.00 AM to 4.45 PM by Dr. UMA RAMESH.
3. One hour seminar by Mr. Mukund on positive attitude on 22/2/2016 towards “Management Day celebration” between 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm.
4. One day workshop on “ Communication skills” by Mr.K. Sriram, Entrepreneur, Author, Life coach, corporate trainer & NLP practioner on 30th June 2016.
5. One day workshop on “stock Market” by Mr. Raju Iyer on 18 July 2016.
6. One day workshop on “ Enhancing Employability skills”  by Mr. S. DwawrakanathanVice President – Engneering (R&D) And Vice President- Hrd Brakes India Ltd., on 29TH AUG 2016 between 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM.

7. One hour workshop on “ Winner in You” on 03/11/2016 by Mr. Gp. Capt. Vijayakumar between 10.00 am – 11.00 am.
As a part of the MMA Students’ Chapter activity, MMA has given opportunities to our students in the following programmes

B. Annual Students conventions 2016 at a concessional rate.

c. Every month Video Discussions on various hot management topics.

D. KAS complementary one day workshops for MIM students & faculty members at star hotels with buffet lunch/dinner.

E. opportunity to participate in Managerial Award Function as a complementary.

F. Opportunity to participate in various conclaves at free of cost.

G. opportunity to participate in Innovation Award Function as a complementary.